The Norbertov Study and Documentation Centre


The Norbertov Study and Documentation Centre in Prague continues the original Study and Documentation Centre of Adolf Loos which was founded in Villa Müller in 2000. The research centre in the villa's former guest room enabled detailed study of the villa's architecture and Adolf Loos' work. The research centre included a library, archives of photographs, documents, and audio and video recordings. During the research of Adolf Loos' works in the Czech lands, more two and three-dimensional materials were gathered.

In 2014, the City of Prague Museum took over another modern architecture structure – Villa Rothmayer, a work of the architect Otto Rothmayer of 1928–1929. As a result, the Study Centre fonds multiplied significantly and would require to be placed in the original utility rooms of the two villas – garages, cellars, sheds, laundry rooms, and so on which would reduce the existing authenticity and complexity of the two buildings. In order to prevent this, we decided to move the Study and Documentation Centre and its extensive collections to a building which is situated close to Villa Müller, at the corner of Norbertov and Nad Hradním vodojemem streets.

Information for Researchers


Nad Hradním vodojemem 53/13
162 00 Prague 6 – Střešovice



Tel: +420 233 323 998

Provide Professional Services

Characteristics of the Study and Documentation Centre Activities

  • collecting and documentation activities
  • research services including assessments and research as well as counselling and methodology
  • specialised and scientific research presented at exhibitions and in publications
  • education and lecturing
  • presentation of the administered collections

In 2015, the building was reconstructed into a repository, research centre with a library, and office which were equipped with modern furniture. The exhibition area on the ground floor was designed to meet both exhibition and social functions. A small reading room and café are parts of this area.

At the moment, specialised depositing and processing is being carried out of the collection of two and three-dimensional items from the two villas. A specialised library with historical and contemporary literature about Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer is a part of the research centre as well as works of the two architects about family housing and dwelling culture in the 20th century. The exhibition area of the Norbertov centre presents exhibitions from the centre's collections as well as newly emerging projects. Once a month, there are lectures on the topics presented at the exhibitions.


Information for the Media

Accreditation of Journalists and Access to the Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer

If you would like to apply for accreditation for the purpose of taking photos/filming, please send the following information to:

  • name, address, telephone number, e-mail
  • organization/media name
  • date of visit, time of photography/filming
  • the purpose of the visit / the purpose of using the images or film taken
  • place of visit (object)

Contact Us

Hana Horáčková
tel. +420 702 277 581

Important Information

Accreditation will be confirmed by e-mail indicating the exact time and conditions of the possible visit. The Prague City Museum reserves the right to refuse any free entry, photography or filming in the objects of the museum. All media are required to provide a copy of their published material to the museum within one month of publication.

Photos for Media Purposes

For media purposes, we are providing these photos of the Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer free of charge. To use photos, send an accreditation request and fill in the numbers of the selected photos. Commercial or other use of photographs is governed by the rules for granting reproduction rights.

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Specialised Library

  • more than 700 pieces mainly of specialised literature – books, magazines, almanacs, and other printed materials
  • historical and contemporary literature about Müller and Rothmayer villas and the work of the two architects
  • historical and contemporary literature on villas, family housing, and dwelling culture of the 20th century
  • books from the estates of Otto Rothmayer and his family
  • contemporary reflection of the works of Adolf Loos and Otto Rothmayer in literature, restoration of modern architecture monuments
  • complex publications about Czech and European architecture of the 20th century and theory of architecture in general

Index of Books

Contact Us:
tel: +420 233 323 998