František Müller

The Builder

The investor behind the villa was Ing. Dr. František Miller (1890–1951), co-owner of the building company Podnikatelství staveb, at that time realising the largest engineering works in Czechoslovakia. The firm was founded in Plzeň in 1890 by two civil engineers, Antonín Müller (1852–1927) and Vojtěch Kapsa (1855–1915) as a project design office that also included building contracting, under the title 'Officially Authorised Civil Engineers Müller&Kapsa, Construction Contractors in Plzeň'. In 1904, a sister company of Kapsa& Müller was formed in Prague, followed in 1921 by yet another firm in Bratislava. After the death of co-founder Vojtěch Kapsa in 1915, his share in the company was assumed by his son Lumír Kapsa, and in 1921 another partner became the son of Antonín Müller, František. In 1923, František Müller married Milada Krátká (1900–1969), with whom he had one daughter, Eva (1926–2004). Until 1926, the family lived in Plzeň, at Klatovská ulice 26, then in Prague in a flat in ul. Dělnická 25.