Short-term Rentals

The Prague City Museum offers space rental opportunities for commercial activities. Introduction photo: Rozálie Růžičková

The Prague City Museum manages six buildings, which are currently available for short-term rental. These are the historic buildings of the Clam-Gallas Palace, the House at the Golden Ring and the Podskalí Customs House at Výtoň. The Museum also manages three cultural monuments: the Müller and Rothmayer Villas, built in the late 1920s, and the Ctěnice Chateau Complex.

The rental price is individual and includes the rent of the premises used, utility charges, supervision and costs associated with any restrictions on visitor traffic.

If you are interested in pricing the rental for your event, please contact us at the contact details listed for the building and indicate which space you are interested in, the expected date and time of the event and the number of guests.


 Filming and Photography in the Museum's Buildings

Filming and photography in the buildings of the Prague City Museum is approved on the basis of a request sent to Each application is considered individually.