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Villa Rothmayer


The Collection Includes


  • authentic three- and two-dimensional objects (freestanding and built-in furniture, handicraft objects, works of art – sculptures, architectural elements, paintings, and prints; samples of original building materials and technical elements)
  • historical photographs, mainly from the estate of Otto Rothmayer's family, documentation photographs from the villa's reconstruction and the present
  • building history research, restoration reports, project documentation of the Villa Rothmayer reconstruction
  • audio and video recordings of contemporary witnesses

The Collection's Mission


  • documentation and presentation of the work by the architect Otto Rothmayer and his kindred spirits – colleagues, friends, and pupils mainly in the Czech lands
  • documentation of the historical and present-day interpretation of his works
  • documentation of the similar structures renovations, mainly in the Czech lands
  • collecting documents and estates of Loos's kindred spirits
  • focusing on the improvement of knowledge about the villa