Clam-Gallas Palace

Organize your event in a unique baroque palace in the center of Prague.

Clam-Gallas Palace is one of the best preserved Baroque palaces in the world. The current state of the palace is based on a major reconstruction by Jan Václav Gallas, who extended the original palace to include the surrounding grounds. The reconstruction, carried out between 1699 and 1700, was commissioned by the architect Mark Antonio Canevale. Between 1713 and 1718, further alterations were carried out according to the plans of Johann Bernard Fischer of Erlach. The painted decoration is by Carlo Carlone, the sculpture by The carving is by Matthias Bernard Braun.

The building is located on the so-called Royal Route in the neighbourhood of the Klementinum at Husova 158/20. The owner of the palace is the City of Prague, the Prague City Museum currently has on loan most of its premises.

Spaces for Rent


Gallery Spaces

The first floor of the palace was adapted for exhibition purposes. White painted walls with stucco details, mouldings for hanging artworks and gallery lights make any work stand out.

  • The floor consists of 26 rentable rooms that range in capacity from 10-50 people, depending on their size.
Gallery Spaces

Barrock Halls

The second floor of the palace hides renovated historical halls with replicas of the original wallpapers and chandeliers. Some of them can be visited as part of a guided tour.

  • There are 13 halls on the first floor, with capacities ranging from 15-50 people, depending on their size.
Barrock Halls

Attic with Rumpal

A unique unbuilt space that was to house the vault of a Baroque theatre hall that was never realised. A wooden rumpal - a machine for lifting and lowering loads - has been preserved in it until today.

  • Capacity 20 persons
Attic with Rumpal

Practical Information


The building is wheelchair accessible with restrictions. There is an elevator (w 86 cm, d 110 cm, h 200 cm) in the east wing of the palace, which is accessible from the main courtyard. It is not possible to interfere with the walls or floors of the building. It is not possible to serve hot food or dark liquids in the historic halls.

The main courtyard can be accessed to load/unload equipment required for the event. Parking is only available in the parking areas adjacent to the palace.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes), the use of fog and smoke producing devices, open flames (including lighting candles and scented sticks) and pyrotechnic effects are strictly prohibited throughout the venue.

Loaner equipment:

  • Folding tables, 4 pcs.
  • Chairs, approx. 50 pcs.
  • Outerwear hangers, 4 pcs.
  • Projection screen including projection equipment
  • Stand for marking the event at the entrance


For price information please contact Sales Department. Thank you.

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More Information

  • We do not provide catering services.
  • Only short-term access to the premises is allowed, no parking on the premises is possible.
  • Due to the historic nature of the building, third party insurance is required.