Božena Rothmayerová

The Prague artist, artistic restorer and teacher Božena Rothmayerová, nee Horneková (20.12.1899 Prague-Podbaba – 15.5.1984 Prague-Břevnov), was one of the major Czech pioneers of textile design. From 1915 to 1921, she studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. A propagator of a simplified lifestyle for modern women, she was a key participant at the Brno exposition 'The Civilised Woman' held in late 1929 and early 1930. Her ingenious designs and hand-sewn creations focused on the modernisation of women's wear at the time or an artistic conception of Czech lacemaking and interior fabrics. Rothmayerová's artistic talent and pedagogic capability were put to good use from 1921 onwards in her work at professional schools in Brno, Velké Meziříčí and Prague, focusing on the applied arts and domestic sciences. After marrying Otto and giving birth to Jan, she continued both as an artist and teacher. A pioneer of woven jewellery, she had a thorough knowledge of historic and contemporary textile technologies, which she could draw upon as a restorer of temple curtains and embroideries in Prague's Jewish Museum. Even after her retirement in 1957, she continued with further creative work.