Podskalí Customs House at Výtoň


History of the Podskalí Customs House at Výtoň

Výtoň was an ancient institution collecting toll from the floated timber on the Vltava to the Prague market. The name comes from cutting off a certain amount of wood from tied-up rafts. In the earliest times, it was a fenced enclosure for timber and a simple tollhouse. The residence of the customs house in today's building can be traced back to the 16th century. The house was used as a customs house, tavern, and refuge for raftsmen.

The present-day building is situated on the level of the original housing development and is nearby so-called 'výtoniště' (place to cut timber). This timbered and plastered Late Gothic structure from the 16th century is decorated with a sandstone coat of arms of the New Town of Prague.

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