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Norbertov Study and Documentation Centre


The Following Resources of the Centre for Modern Architectural Heritage Offered to Exhibition Curators and Researchers



  • collection of authentic three- and two-dimensional objects from the Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer (freestanding and built-in furniture, craft objects, artworks, sculpted models, architectonic elements, pictures and printed materials, samples of original construction materials and technical elements)
  • architectural models of works by Adolf Loos in the Czech lands
  • photographs of the current appearance of the Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer

Research Archive

  • historic photographs, primarily from the archives of the Rothmayer family, documentary photographs from reconstruction work and present building condition
  • archive of research findings for the work of Adolf Loos in the Czech lands
  • structural-historical investigations, restoration reports, project documentation for restoration of the Villa Müller and Villa Rothmayer
  • audio and video recordings of personal testimony
  • documentation and presentation of the architectural works of Adolf Loos (AL) and Otto Rothmayer (OR) and associated persons – collaborators, friends, pupils – primarily in the Czech lands
  • documentation of historical and current interpretations of these architects' work
  • documentation of the historic restoration of similar buildings, primarily in the Czech lands
  • collection of documents and private archives from associated persons
  • focus on improving knowledge about both villas


  • over 1000 items primarily of professional literature – books, journals, conference proceedings, and other print materials
  • historic and current literature about the two villas and the oeuvres of the two architects
  • historic and current literature about private villas, single-family housing, and residential culture of the 20th century
  • books from the personal library of OR and his family
  • current reflections of the work of AL and OR in scholarly literature, restoration of modern architectural heritage
  • summary works on Czech and European architecture of the 20th century and architectural theory in general