Archaeological Research

The Prague City Museum is authorised to conduct rescue archaeological research in Prague pursuant to § 21, Art. 3, Law No. 20/87 Coll. on the State Care for Monuments, in force, based on the permission of the Ministry of Culture of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic No. 7492/88 from 30 May 30 1988, and the agreement with the Czech Academy of Sciences from 30 December 1999.

At present, the Prague City Museum primarily focuses on rescue archaeological research resulting from new construction (§ 22, Art. 2, Law No. 20/87 Coll., in force) at the Prague Heritage Area and its protection zone.

Information for Constructors


Submit your request for rescue archaeological research on the future construction site or other activity in advance pursuant § 22, Art. 2, Law. No. 20/87 Coll., in force, to the Prague City Museum:

Your request must contain the information about the construction design with relevant documentation, especially the topographical location and the current state of the future construction site, the range and volume of terrain work (ground plans, sections), engineering and geological research, etc.

It is also required to submit the expected construction time schedule because the timely announcement of the construction as well as the conclusion of an agreement about the terms of rescue archaeological research between the constructor and the authorised organisation reduce the demands on changes of the time schedule and coactions with the constructor's suppliers.

Your questions regarding construction activities on sites with archaeological finds can be also answered by telephone at: +420 724 311 115.