X-ray Research

The X-ray device enables to research collection objects with emphasis on archaeological objects, previously conserved objects (determining the number of additions), and handicraft objects (research of mechanisms, defects) without the objects disassembly.

X-ray research is important from the conservation treatment viewpoint and is also applied in the area of professional processing of collections. It improves the quality of conservers and restorers work; based on the received information, they can more objectively determine the suitable method and scope of the treatment. The detector enables modern processing of X-ray images with their direct imaging and processing in real time, with correction, interactive measurement, and digital storage.

X-ray Device Specifications

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The X-ray device radiation can penetrate even very thin materials (thin sheet, textiles) as well as the thicker ones (iron). High contrast can be achieved for various thicknesses. Small details, such as cracks of 50 µm, can be observed.

The cabin with a double door in the front wall, 1 metre wide, has an inside manipulation space of 110 × 60 × 60 cm. The radiation table load bearing capacity is 25 kg. A rotating fixture for objects up to 2 kg is attached to one of the device's extreme positions.

The source of X-radiation exceeding 900 W is complemented with a 1203 Mini-focus and enables to achieve high resolution with geometric enlargement. The equipment SMART EVO 225D (produced by YXLON) has an Evo Control module to set required voltage, current, and exposure time. EVO X-ray device has an integrated four-point laser zoom. At the museum, the device uses the voltage of 40–224 kV and the current of 0.5–5.5 mA. The device includes a digital record equipment Flat Panel Detektor 4040 with its active surface measuring 40 × 40 cm.

The device produces digital images. The X-ray device is equipped with a manipulator with fluently adjustable rotation speed. The control counter controls the manipulator and detector movement. The PC and X-Test Digital software enables to switch between the live and integrated images and to set the exposure time, image corrections (brightness, contrast, gamma), dynamic histogram, digital filter to set the resolution, and subtleness of the image, as well as negative and digital enlargements. It further enables to measure the distance, describe the image and store images. The higher performance of the X-ray device enables radiation with greater currents which increases the contrast and reduces the exposure time. Objects are researched in real time by a professional.

X-ray Research – Price List

  • up to 3 images: CZK 400 per piece
  • 4 and more images: CZK 1 500 per hour (incl. partial hours)

Digital record storage on your medium (USB, DVD, CD) is included.

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