Crafts in Guilds

The permanent exhibition represents the craftsmen’s association as a society-wide phenomenon.

The Prague City Museum has one of the world's largest collections of guildrelated objects where the best artefacts from its collection are the main focus of the permanent exhibition featuring the craftsmen's association.

The European history of craftsmen's associations began in the 11th and 12th centuries. The towns were settled largely by craftsmen who were organized in guilds which were referred to as "pořádky" (orders) in Bohemia. Their goal was to keep the crafts in order, meaning to foster good relationships, check the quality of products, maintain prices, take care of the ill, and so on.

The permanent exhibition presents a selection of guild chests (was used to collect fees and fines and to provide financial distress benefits), ferules (a kind of a sceptre), banners (craftsmen carried multicoloured banners in ceremonial processions to commemorate coronations and religious holidays) and other objects.

The exhibition is not confined to the life of the guilds (they were abolished in 1859). Our aim is to portray the craftsmen’s association as a society-wide phenomenon. Visitors will become acquainted with traditional crafts, such as butchers, wine growers etc.


Ctěnice Chateau Complex

Bohdanečská 259/1
190 17 Prague 9 – Vinoř
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Permanent exhibition


From 22. 4. 2014