Signal Festival 2023

12. 10. 2023 – 15. 10. 2023
Combine a Laterna magika performance with a visit to the museum’s main building at Florence, otherwise closed.

Thanks to the collaboration between the museum and Signal Festival, visitors will have a unique opportunity to visit the building for the first time since its renovation has begun. The performance Laterna magika – Labyrint Principů (Labyrinth of Principles) will take place over four days, on the second floor, always from 7 pm to midnight.

This year, the theatre Laterna magika celebrates its sixtieth anniversary. Created especially for Signal Festival, the unique performance refers to the crucial milestones of technology and thought, both in the theatre’s history and present. The project presents several artistic and thematic units that are tied together, influence one another, and arise from one another. The visitors walk through an imaginary labyrinth of principles, some inviting to direct interaction. During the performance, the dancers interact with objects, use archival technologies, and explore current and future principles of scenography, including artificial intelligence.

Signal Festival Bio:
Signal Festival enters the second decade of its existence. The festival of digital and creative culture will explore new ecosystems full of artworks from the spheres of light design, visual and digital art, artificial intelligence, and also conceptual art. It combines the historical coulisses of beloved Prague with cutting-edge technologies and contemporary social themes. It will take place from 12 to 15 October 2023. Find more about the festival.


The Prague City Museum's Main Building

Na Poříčí 1554/52
180 00 Prague 8 – New Town
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12.–15. 10. 2023